One pair of passive handmade concrete speakers in OMANA color. We offer free worldwide shipping!

the 'OMANA' look

The 'OMANA' look is a collaboration with OMANA Design. Their special acid etching technique creates beautiful and experimental cyan-blueish surface that cannot be replicated ever again. Each pair of MONOLITH concrete speakers with the 'OMANA' modification is truly one of a kind and You will be the only one to own that exact piece.

The full range design, combined with a bass reflex enclosure, delivers full sound in a small bookshelf form factor that can fit any space. The sound of these are outstanding, bright and open.

  • 1.5 - 2 cm concrete cabinet
  • 3' inch paper cone driver
  • Nickel plated speaker terminals
  • Power rating - 20 Watt
  • Maximum power out - 40 Watt
  • Impedance - 8 ohm
  • Aluminum phase plug
  • Dimension - 34 x 18 x 12 cm


These speakers are passive speaker. They require a separate audio amplifier to use them.

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